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Your story helps shape our future.

Please share the next 10 minutes with us. Your help, and your story, can help shape our future.

As part of our Family First partnership with KU’s Center for Public Partnerships and Research, we want to collect stories from the youth and families within our region. And, we need your help.

We recognize that in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be experiencing a substantial amount of stress and facing many unknowns. But, to best support you in this time of great change, we must learn about your individual experiences. We need to hear real stories now more than ever to truly grasp the impacts felt by you, meet your unique needs, and prioritize our efforts.

Please consider taking the next 5-10 minutes to share your story. How are you coping? Struggles? Insights? Knowing your perspective gives county and state leaders valuable information to study and act on. Your stories will become part of an effort known as Our Tomorrows. All stories will be submitted anonymously and will be utilized to get the lived experiences of real-life Kansans into the hands of key decision-makers.

These stories will become part of an online statewide Story Bank, which will support urgent response to the critical needs of Kansans. Decision-makers – including legislators and people within our agency – will use this Story Bank to inform actions and next steps during this time of uncertainty.

We will meet this challenge together and leverage our strengths to build the future we want. It starts with sharing your story with the Our Tomorrows story bank.

To share your story, simply click the link below and follow the prompts to quickly and easily share a significant moment related to a pressing issue that needs addressed. You can share as many stories as you would like, the stories can be long or short, a snippet about a moment, a struggle from your day, a success or insight, or a description about a unique problem you have experienced. Any moment that is significant to you is a moment we need to hear.

(It’s suggested to use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari browsers for maximum performance.)

We know your time is valuable, and we thank you for your story submissions. It will help make change in our communities and across Kansas!

Our Tomorrows is not an emergency-response line or a reporting hot line. For non-emergency resources and supports, the Kansas Parent Helpline offers 24/7, confidential information at 1-800-CHILDREN.


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