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Community Collaborations

With a shared vision and passion for a higher quality of life throughout northwest Kansas, LiveWell works collaboratively with diverse organizations, partners and entire communities to bring change and provide solutions to shared problems.

Healthy Lifestyles

LiveWell believes that the healthy choice should also be the easiest, most affordable and most convenient choice. As a catalyst for a culture of health, LiveWell works to improve health equity, the availability of healthy food, physical activity, and tobacco-free public spaces.

Family Development

LiveWell strives to build a strong foundation for healthy children and families through parenting and early-childhood education. By operating two group child care centers and implementing two award-winning home visitation program, LiveWell has been able to meet the demands of the community while also setting high standards for quality child care and education.

Education & Advocacy

LiveWell advocates for changes in public policy and promotes solutions that are evidence-based and community informed.


Based in Colby, LiveWell Northwest Kansas is a longstanding non-profit advocacy organization for the region improving all aspects of "health" for the entire northwest Kansas community.


The organization was established in 1979 and was formerly known as Northwest Kansas Council on Substance Abuse, Inc. In order to more accurately reflect the organization's regional expansion and broadened missions, the organization received a name change in 2018. LiveWell Northwest Kansas has a goal of creating a culture in which every person in northwest Kansas can make healthy choices where they live, work and play by providing preventative educational services, opportunities and initiatives to make a lasting change towards optimal health.

Through the management of many smaller, mission-driven organizations and causes, LiveWell Northwest Kansas facilitates collaborations as a central, coordinating body which plans, organizes, implements local and regional programs, services and initiatives through leadership and strategic partnerships with the end goal of making northwest Kansas a healthier place to live, work and play.


LiveWell Northwest Kansas is comprised of ten active board members who have most recently been involved in the completion of a three-year strategic plan to better authenticate LiveWell's mission and goals with demands and needs shared by the community. Board members meet with the LiveWell executive team monthly to review finances, receive program updates, review and adopt policies, and guide the executive director on program initiatives.


Working to make northwest Kansas a healthier place for all to live, work and play.

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