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Providing better access to fresh food in Rawlins County

Updated: May 6, 2019

LiveWell Northwest Kansas would like to congratulate Jamboree Foods in Atwood for signing a Pathways to a Healthy Kansas pledge to provide greater access to healthy eating options for Rawlins County residents.

To that end, LiveWell was honored to assist them with an inaugural "Simply Produce" event, a partnership with Rawlins County Extension Office. The team has worked diligently to provide fresh food at a reduced rate to those in need and during their first round of distributions, 96 baskets of produce were sold.

A regular opportunity for people of Rawlins County, orders for the next basket distribution should be placed by Friday, May 3. Available every two weeks, baskets contain about 15 pounds of produce for $15; however, representatives said their first baskets contained a generous 20 lbs of food making them cost just $.75 per pound.

In addition, a special thanks to Jamboree Foods, Rawlins County Extension, the Wichita AIM Coalition, Leoti Foods and Aimee Baker for helping Rawlins County bring this program to fruition. The Simply Produce program will jump start efforts to provide healthy foods for everyone throughout the county.

For more information, contact Emily Green at, (785) 626-3192, visit their Facebook page at, or call Jamboree Foods in Atwood at (785) 626-3293.


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