LiveWell fights preventable diseases, builds pathways to healthy lifestyles

Honored by a partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, LiveWell Northwest Kansas was awarded a generous 3-year Pathways to a Healthy Kansas community grant to implement health-related initiatives in Atwood, Bird City, Colby and St. Francis. Grant programming throughout these four northwest Kansas communities encouraged healthy eating, active living and tobacco cessation.

Living an active lifestyle, eating a healthy diet and staying free of commercial tobacco are three behaviors critical to reducing serious health conditions. Public health data tells us that too many Kansans do not routinely practice these healthy behaviors, which puts them at risk for developing one or more chronic disease. Currently, eight of the 10 leading causes of death in Kansas are from chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. This grant was awarded to LiveWell to help fight preventable diseases and build pathways to health that allow northwest Kansans to embrace healthy lifestyles.

Find out about area Pathways programming by watching this video:

ABOUT LiveWell  

LiveWell Northwest Kansas is a longstanding advocacy organization in the region improving all aspects of "health" to improve the early childhood system and optimize child and family well-being. For 40 years, the organization has provided preventative educational services and opportunities to people to make a lasting change towards optimal health.

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