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Become a part of the mental health movement in northwest Kansas | You can make a difference

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

LiveWell Northwest Kansas is proud to partner with the mental health industry to promote change and understanding of the mental health field.

If you are invested in or impacted by mental health disease or defect, please consider attending this 3-part Regional Mental Health Forum. The first session takes place in Bird City and is co-sponsored by the Cheyenne County Hospital. Join us from 9 a.m. to noon at the legion hall to learn more about mental health issues in northwest Kansas and take actionable steps to address regional concerns.

3-Part Meeting from 9 a.m. to Noon @ American Legion Hall, Bird City

1. October 24

2. December 5

3. January 7


LiveWell Northwest Kansas | Director Travis Rickford | Cheyenne County Hospital Candi Douthit |

Rawlins County Health Department | Karla Heble |

You should consider attending if you are a:

  • School Representative

  • Clergy Member

  • Legal Representative

  • Healthcare Professional

  • Mental Health Professional

  • or personally impacted by mental health

Mental health, addiction, incarceration, poverty, and trauma/ACE's have been discussed repeatedly, but no clear collaborative steps toward addressing the issues have been taken. Thus, we hope that by coming together we can build a regional understanding and collective effort to to truly bring change and help to northwest Kansas. This is a 3-part meeting to determine a direction for action and accomplish change. Please consider attending all three meetings.

This forum is sponsored by the health departments in Rawlins County and Cheyenne County, Kansas, and LiveWell Northwest Kansas.


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