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Amplifying the voices of northwest Kansas

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Share your COVID-19 story for a chance to win $250.

Colby, Kan. – (updated Aug. 18, 2020)

For a chance to win $250 cash, people of northwest Kansas are being asked to go online and share anonymous stories as COVID-19 struggles continue to surface.

LiveWell Northwest Kansas is teaming up with researchers at the University of Kansas to create a bank of real-life stories to help decision makers create policy solutions for job loss, family separation and other challenges.

After submitting your anonymous story via THIS LINK, you can then enter to win one of two $250 cash prizes.

“As you grapple with personal changes and challenges associated with the novel Coronavirus, we are asking you to share your unique experiences,” requests Travis Rickford, Director of LiveWell Northwest Kansas in Colby. “Your anonymous story on how you’ve coped with the pandemic will give state leaders information so they can study and act.”

“As a member of a small, tight-knit community, I know many organizations came together to support our friends and neighbors in ways we have never done before. Were you a part of those efforts? If so, share your personal story of generosity and charity.

“Did your kids receive free lunches from school during these past months? If so, share your story of appreciation and gratefulness.

“Are you continuing to struggle because your hours were cut back, or did you lose your job? Or, was your family negatively affected in some other way? If so, we need to hear from you. Your unique perspective is incredibly important.”

Rickford explained a person’s story can be long or only a few short sentences. And, a person can contribute as many stories as they want to help build a complete picture of what is going on in Kansas.

The survey was created by the University of Kansas’ Center for Public Partnerships & Research (CPPR) as part of their “Our Tomorrows” story-sharing campaign.

Kansas stories are collected using CPPR’s SenseMaker data collection and research tool. It has been recently updated to manage COVID-19 specific stories. Patterns within the stories are examined and shared with Kansas leaders so new understandings can be gained of what families need to thrive—not just survive.

Knowledge gained can help spearhead appropriate actions, so strengths can be leveraged in order to build a strong future for Kansas.

To amplify your voice, click on the “Share your story now” button on the homepage at The survey is also available in Spanish.

After submitting your anonymous story, residents of northwest Kansas can then enter to win one of two $250 cash prizes by going to LiveWell’s Facebook page at To enter, type the hashtag #Itoldmystory on LiveWell’s wall. You can also use the following tags: @LiveWellNWK, @KUCPPR, #ourtomorrows, #Itoldmystory.


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