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We're Making a Difference


Working to make northwest Kansas a healthier place for all to live, work and play.

We're working to make northwest Kansas the healthiest community in Kansas to live, work and play.

Check out some of the exciting events we have coming up throughout northwest Kansas.

Under the umbrella of LiveWell are a family of initiatives with unique goals and strategies, all striving to achieve the same mission.

What is LiveWell Northwest Kansas

LiveWell is many things.


LiveWell brings together a network of organizations and individuals to improve access to healthy foods, encourage physical activity and tobacco-free public policies, and create a strong foundation for early childhood development. By harnessing the power of a forward-thinking community, we implement initiatives that create progress toward a healthier region.

With almost 40 years of experience improving the lives and communities of Northwest Kansas, LiveWell has played a hand in many successful initiatives to address water consumption, healthy eating, physical activity, drug and alcohol awareness, and improving the built environment. Notably, through its implementation of two award winning home visitation programs, LiveWell has been able to advance early childhood educational development and improve overall community health.


LiveWell is catalyst for change and an advocate for health. We are a longstanding non-profit advocacy organization in the region working to make Northwest Kansas a healthier place to live, work and play. 

With profound thanks to financial supporters, volunteers and our communities, we are honored to partner with a diverse family of businesses and non-profit organizations to realize the true potential of Northwest Kansas to become the healthiest place to live, work and play.


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