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PATHWAYS  To a Healthy Kansas

Pathways to a Healthy Kansas

Pathways to a Healthy Kansas

Honored by a partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, LiveWell was awarded a 3-year grant and received other support resources to represent the Northwest Collaborative i Atwood, Bird City, Colby and St. Francis to implement health-related initiatives surrounding healthy eating, active living and tobacco cessation.

The ultimate goal of Pathways programming was to inspire long-lasting, community-wide well being by creating supportive, healthy environments. The program focused on strategies that build community engagement and transform the way residents stay healthy while at work, play, and during social activities and to incorporate more opportunities to be healthy in normal daily routines. LiveWell believes that in order to create lasting healthy habits, smart decisions and opportunities need to be easily available on a regular basis-- through access in schools, work sites, health care providers' offices, food establishments and social networks. To improve the overall quality of life, Pathways programming supported programs that cultivate healthy culture in the communities of Atwood, Bird City, Colby and St. Francis.


Check out some of the programs and activities that were made possible thanks to our inclusion in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas' Pathways to a Healthy Kansas initiative.

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